Peppermint Tea Buyers Guide

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea is known for its ability to ease digestion, promote relaxation and ease the symptoms of colds and the flu. This easy-to-grow herb is right at home in pots and containers placed on the patio or can be grown in the soil in your herb garden. When started from seedlings from the nursery, all it needs is consistent watering and occasional pinching to keep the plant in shape and promote compact foliage. If your location receives 4 to 6 hours of sunlight a day, you can grow peppermint plants successfully.

How to Choose Peppermint Tea

For quality peppermint tea, you will want to look for one that is labeled as organic or natural. This means that the peppermint plants have been grown without the aid of insecticides or pesticides and does not contain nasty chemicals. It also means the tea leaves have not been chemically treated during drying or processing.

Peppermint tea is typically sold in tea bags or as loose leaf tea. While tea bags are quick and convenient to use (and can be tucked in your bag when you are on the road), some prefer to use loose leaf tea to steep at home. Which you choose depends on your personal preference. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of tea bags and loose leaf tea.

Pros and Cons of Tea Bags and Loose Leaf Tea

Tea Bags


  • Ready to Use
  • Convenient to Transport  – Can be taken to work or when traveling
  • Pre-measured
  • Single Serving
  • Can be brewed in a cup


  • Bags may contain inorganic materials
  • Machine Processed
  • Bags may have non-biodegradable materials, like staples and tags that must be removed before composting
  • Flavor is one dimensional

Loose Leaf Tea


  • Enhanced, Multidimensional  Flavor
  • Often packaged in airtight tins
  • Can be steeped by the pot
  • Leaves can be reused
  • Biodegradable – Can be added to compost bin


  • Requires a tea pot and infuser
  • Requires measuring
  • Takes longer to steep
  • Not easily transported for work or travel – is typically used at home.


Where to Buy Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea is readily available in grocery stores, health food stores and specialty stores. While supermarket brands are often the least expensive, your selection may be limited. Some brands, like Celestial Seasonings offer organic peppermint tea, as well as tea blends that contain peppermint. Its seasonal Candy Cane Lane contains green tea, mint and vanilla to make a delightfully fragrant and flavorful holiday favorite. If you are considering peppermint tea to ease digestion, consider Celestial Organics Digestion blend. This blend combines several herbs, including peppermint, that aid digestion. Make note of the brand of tea you purchase. You will likely discover you enjoy some brands more than others.

We Liked

We likeTeatulia’s innovative tea bags that combine the benefits of whole tea leaves in the convenience of a bag. They sell both round and pyramid shaped tea bags filled with loose leaf tea. This allows you to enjoy the enhanced flavor associated with steeping loose leaf tea without the need to use a tea pot and infuser. Each pyramid tea bag can be brewed two to three times and is filled with organic peppermint leaves from Bangladesh. The bag is made from corn silk and is completely biodgradable.